Marek in Lichtenstein has done some research into this “pandemic” regarding the WHO and CDC that has piqued my interest .

Lets keep this US centric for now and focus on the CDC ….but we can say all the same for the WHO on the global level.

“CONTROL” is the key word here.

What do they Control ?

The “perception” of anything to do with YOUR health if you live in the USA.

Who do they “advocate ” for ?

In whos’ best interest do they message ?

Two Institutions come to mind.

1….Main Stream Medical Practice…. otherwise known as ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE

” A system of medical practice that seeks to “combat” disease by the use of remedies such as drugs and surgery to overcome the effects of the disease”

(To the exclusion of the many “Alternative” Medical Practices such as Chiropractic Naturopathic Homeopathic and Others…which in some parts of the world are actually the main stream .

In most parts of the world these “Alternative” Medical practices focus on Prevention Primarily as well as treatment .

Many patients prefer these methods and choose them even though they may not be paid for by their “medical” insurance because they trust these practitioners more that the Allopaths.

However there is NO room for any of these ideas in an institution such as the Center for Disease “Control”

They “Control” the narrative and set the “rules”…and if you are an “alternative” practitioner you are NOT in the Club….and your methods are considered to be quackery and or quirkery.

Also if you are a Medical Doctor trained in Main Stream Medicine but you wander off the “path” and stumble upon a treatment that is not “Sanctioned” by the CDC and their affiliate Medical Boards…you to are NOT in the club…and you may be subject to “Discipline”

2…Big Pharma Drug Companies.

( to The Exclusion of companies and individuals who focus on natural and herbal remedies for prevention and or treatment)

Case in Point !

The Mass media always defer to the CDC recommendations and guidelines . Americans are asked to get their information exclusively from this Agency and it’s myriad of sister agencies .

So Ok what can we do to minimize the chance of getting this Viral Disease ?

Go here.

For those who want the short form , they say

Wash your Hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol based cleansers ( watch the video for instructions)
Don’t touch your face
Stay 6 feet away from ALL other humans
Wear a cloth face covering ( NEW Recommendation) but not a medical mask ( leave those for the medical people)
Sneeze of cough into your arm.
Clean and Disinfect frequently touched surfaces. ( also a video)
Wait (Pray) for THE VACCINE.

To review… all they have to say about prevention is basically you should behave exactly as if you have OCD (Obsessive-Complulsive Disorder) and become an extreme germaphobe ( Think Howard Hughes)

That’s it…they can think of no other things one can do to prevent getting sick with this virus.

The do not even consider the Immune system .

THE FREAKING IMMUNE SYSTEM…OUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE AND OUR SECOND AND THIRD LINE TOO. AND THE CENTER FOR DISEASE ‘CONTROL” has no recommendations on how to support this System and maximize it… when they discuss how to “prevent” getting sick .”

Is that NOT the sickest thing you have ever heard ???

Fortunately we have a small army here at Goldtent Immune Paradise who have contributed articles and studies showing
how the immune system works and some of the many immune boosting vitamins and minerals and activities which are readily available.

CDC completely and conveniently ignores the many things that have been proven time and again to “boost” immunity..not just to this virus but to all pathogens.

Why..are they stupid ? Or is it just because IF we all boost our immunity , less of us will need the services of their “clients” ?

WTF…all they can say is do all these anti social , OCD activities to try to avoid something that you cant see but that is EVERYWHERE !…and not a word on how to keep your god given immune system working to do what it was designed to do ?

Screw YOU CDC….” Control This” you assholes.

Hey CDC what about Vitamin C and Vitamin D and Zinc and Quercetin and getting enough sleep and getting enough exercise and getting outside fresh air and doing things you enjoy and mimimizing “stress”

None of these are mentioned in your literature…anywhere …WTF ?

It’s almost as if you want us to be scared of the invisible lurking around every corner and scared of eachother
scared of human contact , want us to give up concerts and sports and weddings and funerals and just wait for your vaccine.

No mention on your website of antibody therapy which is being developed in a University setting ,to be distributed for free as a “cure” a much safer alternative to your “vaccination for all” idea.


Here is an article which explores the CDC and the Main Stream media messaging vis a vis Vaccinations


“The major media dismiss public vaccine policy critics as “conspiracy theorists”, but no conspiracy is required to explain how it can be true that the CDC deceives about vaccines”


And A Very interesting Article sent by Marek regarding the Flu vaccine and the Northern Italian situation.

There is a LOT of good research and science that you need to find on your own because you will not hear it from the WHO and CDC.

“Unthinking respect for authority, is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Albert Einstein ( Conspiracy Theorist)