I just noticed a stat that blows me away .

Over 95% of total deaths (1,881) in Ontario Canada ( Population ~ 14,000,000 )

were Over the age of 60 !

Over 70% of the total were over 80 years old .

80% occurred In Long Term Care Homes and when we add in hospital outbreaks it approaches 90%.

SO the odds of death for any individual from just walking around and interacting in the community is very very small.

We knew this was a disease affecting older people but I was not aware of the extent !

In a province with a population of 14,000,00 people there have been fewer than 100 deaths ( all of them tragic it goes without saying) in people under 60….and less than 500 in people under 80 !

And for this we destroyed our Economy..which was booming ! And therefore destroyed the futures of many from these younger generations.

So lets call this what it is ! Generation-acide .

We are protecting people’s lives who are closer to the end than the beginning at the expense of people who are in their prime and kids who are just getting started…And the “expense” is not just for the now but will continue and escalate for a decade or more of misery for many.

We are protecting the Silent generation and Baby Boomers (me) at the great expense of the Gen Xers , Gen Y’s (Millenials) and Gen Z’s .

I have not heard much backlash to this FACT as of yet…but going forward expect there to be HUGE backlash and bitterness from the younger generations vs the Older ones.

If we were Given a “vote” to protect Baby Boomers for the Now vs Protecting Younger generations for their future…I wonder what the vote count would be ? 80% for the Younger Generations I think.

We may well see that vote ..one way or another IF the much feared 2nd wave materialises and “experts” recommend another round of Lockdowns !

I would expect a huge backlash form Gen X Y and Z …and I would join them …these are our Kids and grandkids we are talking about…what kind of future will we have selfishly left them if we don’t consider THEIR lives over our own.

Our medical systems have had reason and now more time to be ramped up and to be able to handle the effects of the virus going forward.

We cannot under any circumstances have more lockdowns !