I am sure most tenters are very familiar with the writings of Bob Moriarty. He is cantankerous, very opinionated and usually asks the right questions. The one topic I find him to stand fast against (in which I believe he is completely wrong) is his refusal to believe and completely ignore the facts that the commodity exchanges not only have allowed price manipulation of gold and silver prices, but were actually designed to supress their prices just after the US dollar was severed from gold. He pretty much has no use for big government and I completely agree with him there. Below I have copied a few paragraphs from his latest comments about the virus taken from a “StreetwiseReports” article.

“About the virus. Every day it looks more and more like some sort of scam by Bill Gates, the Deep State and Dr. Fauci representing the interests of big Pharma. Obviously the Chinese were lying about how many people died in China. They sought to understate the number killed. But the US is just as much a liar, in the opposite direction.

I make the point in my books that perfectly ordinary people can figure out what is really going on simply by asking the right questions. As of this morning as I write the Johns Hopkins graphic shows that according to their official numbers, the US represents 31.7% of all the cases in the world. Now since the US only has about 4% of the world’s population, it would be quite impossible for us to have eight times as many infected as the rest of the world per capita.

Looking into it deeper, we find that in Colorado officials reported that a man who died with a blood alcohol content of .55% was killed by the virus. Given than the legal limit is .08% he would have died of alcohol poisoning once he passed .30%. He drank enough to keep a boatload of sailors soused for an entire weekend. If anything, that much booze would have killed every virus of any kind within a four-mile radius.

San Diego reported that 194 of their people died of the virus. It took an honest official to reveal that only 6 of those 194 actually died of the virus. The rest tested positive but died of strokes, heart attacks and other events. Even the CDC admits that their results for those having the virus at death are five times higher than actually being killed by the virus. Donald Trump wants to be the biggest and the best at everything. How the CDC reports deaths and the virus certainly qualifies.

Meanwhile in Texas medical authorities said that a 22-week preemie died of the virus but failed to mention that babies born at 22 weeks never survive. That baby did not die from the virus.

Bill Gates and big Pharma want to tag and bag you with a vaccine that may or may not even work but will put billions of dollars into someone’s pockets. Hopefully his. During the Swine Flu fiasco, the vaccine killed more people than the flu did. There are reports out today that if you have been vaccinated against the ordinary flu you have a 36% higher chance of catching the Corona Virus. Even the CDC admits lying about deaths from the flu to encourage vaccinations.”