A few days ago I posted an interview with 2 Doctors from California.

I feel it is an honest sincere excellent video which makes many great points from 2 men who KNOW virology and immunology as their life study and work with it’s principles on a daily basis.

It is linked on the sidebar under ” Another Perspective” under the category “An Alternative Reality”

Well one of our posters PK just posted in a comment that this video was banned by U tube shortly after it aired on FOX news

You all know my political bent when it comes to FOX news so believe me when i say ..THIS has opened my eyes to something nefarious going on here.

These 2 doctors are advocating for starting the economy at least in their area and more broadly..Everywhere

They make excellent sense and for this to be censored is absolutely outrageous

I found another platform where the video can be viewed


You have to click on the volume icon at the bottom of the video after it starts to play to turn the volume on.

Now more than ever we need to send this out to your contacts…they cannot censor this..it is unacceptable.

I am beginning to understand why the Right side of the spectrum distrusts the Media when we see SHIT like this happen .

No I won’t be advocating for Fox news any time soon …but this really is an eye opener.


Now it gets worse


Their reputations are being attacked and credibility ripped apart.


Anyone with a clue will see this as a self serving attack against two responsible doctors who KNOW what they are talking about.

Seriously this blows me away…how politicized this has become.

There is NOTHING in this video …that is not reasonable and well stated . I learned much that I had forgotten about virology and immunology .

To vilify these two men for simply stating what their training and their experience has lead them to understand and believe is criminal IMO.

Their opinion is valid and should not subject them to this kind of vitriol.

I am seriously starting to question motives here

It’s Time to open up the economy….we ARE ready NOW IMO.

Dr. Daniel Erickson