Social Distancing , Flatten the Curve , Self Isolation , Death from a Handshake , Wash your hands , Don’t touch Your Face , Mask Yourself , Jail time for unmuffled coughing , No Sports Allowed , No Concerts Allowed , One at a time in the store, use the had wash before entering , Stay 6 feet back , No Travel recommended ,No weddings recommended , no funerals recommended, No Parties , no job , the government will give you some money at some point , No complaining, It’s for your own good. For how long is it good for me ? As long as it takes !
Just be quiet and thankful you are alive…sit down and watch the news channels…PS every channel is a news channel now with “Information” on THE VIRUS 24/7 .

Welcome to 2020

Hindsight they say is 2020

How long do you think this is viable….hOw long before people begin to SNAP ?

How long before we all say SCREW THIS …I’ll take my 99.9 % chances with the Virus.

The Microbiologists and Virologists and Statistical Biologists are not saying YOU wont get this thing…they have given up on that…they are saying YOU will get it…..but they just don’t want all of you to get it over with fast…they want it slow…spread it out over years….but YOU will get it and it still might kill you…so sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite .

I have read many science fiction novels about what the future would be like circa 2020 as a younger person but I never read one as bleak as this. Not even George Orwell could have thought this one up. I long for 1984.