“The media has provided an unrelenting diet of alarming news about the coronavirus. Get a realistic and balanced perspective of the threat or lack thereof based on analysis of government data ”

Ha !

Who Knew that the KEY to analysing the Covid-19 charts ( as we always say here at Goldtent TA Paradise…IT”S ALL IN THE CHARTS)….was the often cited debate Linear vs Log Charts……

Personally with so much time on my hands I have been analysing the data from the many different Covid Sites and trying to make sense of them

Looking for any signs that the case numbers are spiralling out of control or are beginning to plateau and do a WUie

( That’s a Wuhan U Turn) 🙂

For a little while I thought I saw that… but last few days I was not so sure.

Well here is a u tube video by a guy with a rich UK accent ( and a cold) which has turned on a lightbulb within me !

Thank you Surf City for sending this.

If there is Any community of like minded individuals on the planet that is likely to GET this…Its THIS little Community of Chartophiles.

IF we look at the covid-19 charts for cumulative cases in Linear Format…they are scary to say the least….they go Up UP UP and UP at a scary looking rate. ( hint : they are not like financial charts because they can NEVER go down !)

However as this fellow points out a Logarithmic Chart is what we should be looking at …as it is the Rate of Change

ie the % change in cumulative cases that shows the true story .

This Changes everything for me.

Even if you consider the well worn chart example often cited by authorities with the Huge bell curve overwhelming the system vs the flattened curve…put those in log form and it would look quite different .

Anyhow…This Video and it’s premise may ruffle some feathers here …but for me and I am sure many other Chart oriented mathematical minds….this makes a LOT of sense .

PS….I understand we have a real live example in the world of a country which has decided not to close its borders nor force social distancing nor outlaw large gatherings nor close businesses .

Sweden (Perhaps they believe in the Immune System) Silly Swedes

Lets watch and see how they fare vs the rest of the world

Linear :

Log :

Lets face it folks ..at some point we are going to have to wean ourselves off this self imposed Shut down of our societies and trust our god given immune systems to deal with these little invisible tyrants.

Will it be a rational based decision ( SOONER) or a fear based decision (See You Later)

We live in Interesting Times !

Ha !

Lin(ear) = F(ear)

(Log)arithmic = (Log)ic