If you are investing in Gold and its Associated Derivitives ( Miners)

You Need to see these charts from Rambus.

You really do !



At the end of 2011 Rambus Chartology went to Pay format. He chose to do so at our urging because he was seeing an important long term Top developing in PMs and he felt a Lot of Rabid Goldbugs would be caught off guard and suffer yet again. The few that fought their bias and joined the site at that time were spared a devastating financial hit.

Rambus had been successfully charting the Great Golden Bull for many years and posting here at Goldtent for free in its previous incarnation as a Rabid Goldbug site . in 2008 he was literally booed off the Forum for turning bearish at the top. I Fullgoldcrown was a leader of the pack !

When Rambus graciously contacted me in 2011 and started sending charts showing another even greater top developing I posted them here on his behalf and soon found myself persona non grata . The rift lead ultimately to a complete abandonment by the original Goldtent members…Not one remained. So we repackaged this url and slowly it became TA Paradise. https://goldtadise.com/?p=338520

7 Years and counting this Viscous PM Bear has been charted and watched closely on this site. When will it end ?