Interesting. Granted, Rickards is a gold bug …

“One of the most bullish events in the history of gold prices just happened and almost no one noticed,” says Jim Rickards.

Last week, Federal Reserve Gov. Daniel Tarullo resigned. It wasn’t a surprise. The establishment media dutifully noted how his specialty was bank regulation and how his departure will clear the way for a Trump appointee who will be in line with the president’s deregulation agenda.

“That completely misses the point,” Jim tells us. “His resignation means there are now three vacancies on the board.” That’s out of a total seven.

The other two vacancies have been there for years. Jim says Obama did it as a favor to Janet Yellen; five votes are easier to control than seven.

What’s more, “Of the remaining four governors, one is a Republican,” says Jim. That means once Trump fills the slots, there will be a 4-3 Republican majority. And don’t forget: Yellen’s term as chair is over in less than a year.

That means Trump calls the shots at the Fed — and soon.

Jim says you can count on his appointees to carry out his wishes: “Trump wants a weaker dollar to help U.S. exports and to help create U.S. export-related jobs,” Jim reminds us. “Trump complains about China, Germany and Japan using a cheap currency to hurt U.S. workers. Now Trump will pursue a cheap dollar to fight back.

“A cheap dollar means one thing — higher gold prices. Gold is just a form of money like the dollar, euro or yen. If the dollar is strong, the dollar price of gold goes down. If the dollar is weak, the dollar price of gold goes up. It’s that simple.

“So with Trump taking over the Fed, and a weak dollar on the way, look for higher gold prices and much higher prices for gold mining stocks over the next year. The time to load up on physical gold and gold mining stocks is now, before the mainstream media figure out what we just explained.”