Wow what a shit show the Dementocrats are mired in

Yesterday there were Many Congress People….House and Some High Level Senators all calling for biden to step “away” and we heard from Sundance that the Deep State ( Intelligence Community) were putting the screws to him and making him a deal he can’t refuse …Not to Mention the Militant media who are all over him .And even the Celebrities were against Brandon . He seemed Doomed !

TODAY HOWEVER…THE House Rebellion Fizzeled as Did the Senate Rebellion…the media is backtracking somewhat and who knows about the 6 Ways from Sunday Crowd.

One thing for Sure…Joe has the backing of the Squad and the Black Caucus and the Hispanic Caucus

In other words the Lines seem drawn

Its Joe and the “progressives” as well as Hunter and Jill ( far Left) faction vs The Establishment Dems.

Joe is Winning …today at least


I heard a ‘rumour” that one of Obama’s close assosciates was saying Biden has dirt on Obama …a Gay Affair apprently…who knows BUT whomever is handling Biden seems even more powerful that the Spooks

Not sure whats going on but this is a blast to watch !

A real Power Struggle and mean while

This may be the reason why they are backing off ?

Listening to CNN Radio ..they are saying they may be stuck with Joe and the Congress people are very Resigned that he cannot beat Trump…but most of all he will drag down the down ballot races and the House and Senate will be lost as well

Internal polls are showing 20 present Ds in the House are in jeapordy of loosing their seats in some of the close races

Pass the Corn pop