Delta Hospice Society’s ‘Guardian Angels’ are ‘friendly visitors on a mission … to ensure patients are getting proper health care, palliative care and to avoid them from being pressured into euthanasia or MAiD.’

The Delta Hospice Society (DHS), one of Canada’s only fully pro-life hospices, is actively seeking patients in the healthcare system so that one of its “Guardian Angels” can be assigned to them to ensure they are not “pressured” into state-sponsored euthanasia.

“Our launch of Guardian Angels is now at the point where we need clients,” DHS president Angelina Ireland told LifeSiteNews. “We are looking for patients inside the healthcare system who would like an Angel, those within hospital, hospice, long-term care, palliative care wards, or people with a chronic or terminal illness.”

Ireland said that the patients or their loved ones can “reach out to us and request one of our Angels.”