This is the best explanation for GB and France Elections

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A key point here is

When LePen’s Right Poplist Party won the Euro Elections , Macron Knew he had to thwart their strength in the national Parliament. Even though he had a Majority he needed snap elections to stop the “Far Right”

Yes LePen won the first round. After the first round any party in each region who did not get 12% of the vote has to drop out before the second round.

Apparently there is a Firewall that the French use to prevent Right Populists from ascending to a majority

There are 4 major factions

The Far Left (Many different parties who this time formed a coalition) won 184 seats , The Center ( Macron and his Globalist Masters) won 145 seats ,The Right ( like RINOs ) won 61 seats The Far Right ( LePen ) won 135 seats ( over 2X what they had before )

So what Macron did was cut a deal with the far Left Coalition Group

In each “Region” where there were the 3 candidates Far Left , Center and Far Right

One of the parties ( Left or Center ) voluntarily dropped out…which left their voters a choice to vote for the remaining party OR LePen

Since the far left would NEVER vote for Lepen Nor would Macron’s people…we had the result we see


he is NO friend of Macron

Actually according to Luongo he is even MORE France First than is LePen …but He and his FAR LEFT Party are lefty Populists vs Lepen’s Right Populism

There will be a very fragile coalition between Melenchon and Macron…who hate eachother

It will be interesting to see who emerges as PM ( leader of Parlaiment) and who get Cabinet Posts

Of course for now Macron remains President

Luongo claims the Globalists KNOW they are losing to the Populists but they prefer Left Populists to the Right

Melenchon is against Immigration BTW

As Luongo rightly emphasizes the battle is NOT Left vs Right …it is Populism vs Globalism

The Globalists are losing but still have power to create chaos.

MY QUESTION IS..Is it at all Possible that LePen and Melenchon since they are both representing Populists albeit on a scale of Libertarians vs Communists come to an agreement and Screw Macron and the Globalists