Like most of the left/deep state agendas (Covid was the best example) there are usually multiple parts to them. Various goals, sometimes seemingly unrelated. In the case of the illegal immigration open border agenda, the biggest reason is the 2024 election.

I have seen comments and articles that may have touched on this but the most likely reason this corrupt administration has allowed a flood of illegals and has basically paid them with various incentives to come here, is to have them fill out voter registration forms. It doesn’t matter to them that illegals(non citizens) aren’t allowed to vote. They don’t really care about that.

By pumping up the number of “registered” voters as far as the rolls are concerned, allows them to ballot harvest and manufacture fraudulent votes for when they need to overcome Trumps margins in all the key districts in the critical electoral swing states. The manufactured votes whether paper ballots stuffed in drop boxes and or voting machine manipulated vote counts won’t be as suspicious as they would be if a particular jurisdiction ended up having a surge of votes for the Dems that is larger than the total number of registered voters for that particular precinct.

Some of these discrepancies surfaced in 2020, but it was after the fact and any real investigation was shut down and poo pooed. This time the Dems know that comparing total numbers of ballots to actual votes counted, is going to occur. They need to inflate the voter registration rolls even if the rolls aren’t actual citizens. Then the numbers won’t seem so glaring when they manufacture all the additional ballots for their side.

It would be quite difficult to check every vote against every registrtion record, although technically that should be what happens. Obviously, it doesn’t, because of all the cases of people showing up to vote and being told they voted already or all the dead people still on the rolls that manage to vote from the grave every four years.