Go ahead and check “your charts” and start searching for bottoms. Its a bull market, right?
So just scrolling thru, for illustrative purposes, EMX came up.
No reason to select this one in particular.
Also picked one cycle based indicator, not even one I put all that much weight on.
But makes the point.

My point is that AT THESE HIGHER TIME FRAMES, AND FROM THESE INDICATOR EXTREMES (where most are), top to bottom cycles can take time.
So IMO, risks are decidedly to the down side.
Especially AFTER the coming rebound move.
YMMV and other options are possible.

Date Monthly money flow, fast slow price
Jan 21 98 92 top 3.81
Jan 22 5 15 low 2.33 (12 mos)

Apr 23 88 74 top 2.20
Feb 24 1 5 low 1.41 (10 mos)

May 24 93 76 top? 2.15
???? ?? ?? low ??? (???)