Univ of Pennsylvania has an H5N1 mRNA vaccine that they are developing rapidly. I fully expect them to roll it out for poultry and cattle ASAP to “prevent its transmission to humans.” So, if you don’t want to eat injected meat, start considering buying local meat that has escaped the USDA’s notice.
John Wisbey
Robert you are an icon in this field so I think you a great person to ask. How are they going to get Emergency Use Authorisation for this vaccine if Ivermectin works ?
Robert W Malone, MD
As human-to-human transmission hasn’t occurred and there are a total of 3 people mildly infected from H5N1 in the USA – testing of any early treatment protocols would be near next to impossible.
They are pulling out all the stops to find H5N1 in domestic animals.
The truth is that it is everywhere, as the fecal matter of birds is everywhere. Furthermore, influenza “lives” in water for a long time.
We have all been exposed. Transmission of H5N1 to humans is very rare.
But rule-breaking has become the new normal in our government, particularly in public health.
1:04 PM · Jun 6, 2024

Robert W Malone, MD
H5N1 is not new. Rinse and repeat. This is not a new virus.
The first known instance of the H5N1 virus was in 1996 when it was detected in geese in Guangdong, China.
This is fearporn being spread by the MSM, egged on by the WHO and the HHS.