Colonel Raiklin is a former Green Beret and U.S. Constitutional Attorney who served 25 years in the DOD, Intelligence and Special Operations Communities

He says:  All Deep State named individuals must be brought to justice in order to stop future fraudulent Pandemics, forced injections, fraudulent Elections, illegal spying, staged criminal events and to stop World War III. This is the only way to restore America and save Humanity. We must bring down the Deep State of Corruption.

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Thread discussing RCMP torture / interrogations –>

NOTE: The above is a first hand report that I found hard to comprehend. Perhaps someone else can figure out how this ties into the DEEP STATE LISTING from Colonel Raiklin??  What role did Canada play in the suppression of info to Rep. Boebert??

350 names must only be major players …. it can’t JUST be 350 that are responsible ??