to rush some 300,000 American troops to front line positions

NATO has a plan in place for rapid deployment of its forces in the scenario of a future Russian attack on Europe. It includes the development of “land corridors” which can be used to rush some 300,000 troops — mostly American soldiers — to front line positions in order to defend against a Russian invasion.

High-ranking British military sources described to the Telegraph that the plan entails troops landing at key European ports whereupon they would move east along pre-planned routes to counter potential Russian attacks.

Lt. Gen. Alexander Sollfrank, chief of NATO’s Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC), described to the UK publication, “Huge logistics bases, as we know them from Afghanistan and Iraq, are no longer possible because they will be attacked and destroyed very early on in a conflict situation.”

In the wake of the Telegraph report some pundits are saying this means WW3 is “starting now”… and while indeed at this point the world could already be witnessing the beginning phases (especially when historians look back), there’s yet some escalatory steps remaining before missiles start flying over Europe.


SURELY this article has to be “Fog of War” Propaganda — who in their right mind would tell the enemy what the agreed to plan is for movement of troops to attack them? NATO really isn’t that stupid to tell Russia where their troops are going to be sleeping …. are they??