A friend of mine was a Breeder of Sphynx Cats

He is downsizing now .

He has a 10 year old female who was his BEST breeder and best mom ever. She was neutered and retired at age 5 . But when she had a litter she would even accept surrogates from his other femaleS who were less interested in child rearing.

He reluctantly asked me If I would take her . Masha is her name . I too was reluctant because i still have Cicero who is 18 and in incredible pristine condition but has been a loner since Cesar and Brutus his brothers passed away .

Anyhow a couple of days ago I took Masha in . Cicero is not impressed but no cat fights yet

She is a bundle of love…very very affectionate AND….guess what

She was born in Russia . Apparently this breed is cherished there

I am changing her name

She is now