Various aspects of cardiovascular disease that overlap with kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity support the new approach. For the first time, the American Heart Association defines the overlap in these conditions as cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic (CKM) syndrome. People who have or are at risk for cardiovascular disease may have CKM syndrome… CKM affects nearly every major organ in the body, including the heart, brain, kidney and liver. However, the biggest impact is on the cardiovascular system, affecting blood vessels and heart muscle function, the rate of fatty buildup in arteries, electrical impulses in the heart and more.”

Although the diagnostic designation CKM only materialized last fall, according to recently released data from the Journal of the American Medical Association, a full 90% of Americans might be afflicted.

…Unless, of course, true healthcare isn’t the overriding objective of the brand of institutionalized, corporatized “healthcare” championed by the governing authorities and industry.

One doesn’t require an epidemiology degree to get the sense that whatever is triggering functional meltdowns in multiple organs at once in 90% of a population is probably something coming from a source ubiquitous in the environment, like the food supply, or the water, or the tip of a syringe filled with a certain experimental gene therapy — or all three at once.


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