Well, so much for thinking that people are more enlightened over here. Perhaps it’s the demographic that I’m talking to (60+), but no one seems to have a clue about how Turd-o has destroyed Canada. They know nothing about the homelessness, the drug problem, the retail store robberies…..when I tell them, I get this bewildered “oh, I was in Vancouver 20 years ago and it was lovely”….it’s as though they don’t believe me because of course they don’t hear about it on telly.
And without exception, everyone I’ve talked to hates Trump but has no idea why. None of them see the Biden corruption. They all think that “Canada doesn’t have it as bad as the US because ‘Trump might get elected’ and that would be terrible”. Of course, they cannot say WHY it would be terrible
They have not heard of the WEF.
Regarding their own upcoming elections, there seems to be a weary resignation that no matter which party wins, nothing is going to get any better. But they are clueless as to who is actually orchestrating all this.
They don’t want to talk about the Covid scam either.
Sigh. Different country, same old same old. What the fuck is wrong with these people?