After being made aware of the Trudeau government’s proposed ‘Online Harms’ bill, and its desire to punish internet speech retroactively, billionaire Elon Musk blasted the proposed legislation as ‘insane’ and a ‘terrible attack’ on the rights of Canadians.

Camus noted how Bill C-63 could give police “the power to retroactively search the Internet for ‘hate speech’ violations and arrest offenders, even if the offence occurred before the law existed.”

A brief time later, X’s “CommunityNotes” program – a system in which users collectively “fact-check” information shared on the site – confirmed what Camus had written was accurate, quoting a section of the bill’s text.

“Part 3 of Bill C-63, which is still at first reading stage and is not yet law, adds to the Canadian Human Rights Act: ‘a person communicates or causes to be communicated hate speech so long as the hate speech remains public and the person can remove or block access to it,’” CommunityNotes wrote.

Camus observed about Bill C-63 that the “Trudeau regime has introduced an Orwellian new law.”