Just had a lady ( patient) who has an autoimmune condition called Lichen Planus …causes inflamed tissues in the cheeks and gums

We referred her to a Dental Specialist in this field 6 months ago . Treatment is “Magic Mouthwash” …an oral rinse concotion of steroids antibiotics and anti fungals…tastes horrible…makes her throw up…not a cure just control


She said the specialist says this condition which previouly was considered one in a million is now very common. The Specialist told her it is now confirmed to be a result of the MRNA Vaxx .

ALSO this lady told me …(she somehow knew I was dead against these vaccines)…her son got Myocarditis after his second shot ….and another relative died soon after his shots

This is heavy shit and hits home when it’s not just statistics

My hygienist who saw her today and who was previously very dubious of my anti MRNA sentiments …took note of all this…she is now blaming the astra zenica shots….thats a limited hangout for now.

I share all this to show that the awareness is finally reaching critical mass IMHO