from JC via TC

In stark contrast to the curious case of pottymouth porn star Daniels, on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson posted his interview with Tara Reid, who has credibly accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Obviously, Tucker is comparing the remarkably similar cases and the wildly-different treatment of Stormy Daniels versus Tara Reid. Stormy is a celebrity witness in a case against the President. But Reid, who made claims against an alleged president, is currently being indicted by the DOJ in a sealed case for crimes they won’t even disclose to her lawyer.

Tucker interviewed Tara while in Moscow recently to interview Russian president Putin. Ironically, former democrat and political professional Tara Reid has fled to Russia seeking political asylum. (In the interview, Tara explained the only two countries that refuse to extradite people to America are Iran and Russia.) Tara told Tucker the Biden Administration has never denied her allegations, but instead has accused her of being a Russian asset.

In other words: treason.

Meanwhile, Stormy Daniels — a known liar who has sex with strangers for money — is enjoying wall-to-wall corporate media coverage celebrating her as some kind of postmodern folk heroine. They literally gave the aging porn star the keys to the city:

But Tara Reid — who is not any kind of prostitute but worked for Joe Biden, Leon Panetta, and on many democrat campaigns — is now an international fugitive from secret state charges. Watch the whole thing.

You’d think democrats would eventually notice that the two-tiered justice system does not protect democrats, but only protects people who aren’t sitting in the Biden DOJ’s crosshairs.