I mentioned in one of the comments that negative divergence is forming now, similar as one in April 2022. I though to post it. Just a warning though, you can’t rely too much on only one chart like this. I’m doing this guessing game just for fun. I’m not planning to trade or reduce my shares. My positions are small. If we do get stronger correction, I will be adding. If we don’t get stronger correction, even better. I’m just guessing!

Negative divergence (between faster and slower indicator) on April 2022:

On chart bellow you can see similar divergence April 2023 and now. Hmm April again?!?

Personally I hope miners go as high as possible before correction. I would like to see nice higher lows and higher highs pattern. We are almost there. But higher is better. Once trend line gets broken, there may be correction in place. Or may not of course 😉