Interesting piece from the Cat Man

He is rightly pointing to the fact that the Wokesters are facing a stronger and stronger backlash and he is happy that Wokery is on the demise BUt he is concerned that the Pent up anger and backlash will get out of control and There will be a lote of Woke Blood..for real

Personally I say bring it on …but The cat Man does do a good job here of pointing out what seems to be ALL BUT INEVITABLE NOW

Esentially we have had the Revenge of the NERDS ( for real) and Now the Counter Revenge of the Normies
is Brewing

Anicdotally…I am a huge baseball Fan. I watch Games from all over the USA and this year the 7th Inning “Stretch” features God Bless America again…and the ball Players have hat over heart and are singing along as the Star Spangled banner waves on the field and the score board. Players are again praising God who has given them their talents …THE TIDE IS TURNING …BUT HERE IS THE CAUTIONARY NOTE FROM CAT MAN

Stand back and go pet your cats Mr cat Man…let this play out the way is must…