Virginia U.S. Senate candidate and retired U.S. Navy captain Hung Cao earlier this month toured a nearly-finished state-of-art nitrile rubber plant in southwest Virginia that President Joe Biden’s administration has abandoned, allowing China to be on track to become America’s largest supplier of rubber medical gloves

during the Trump administration, the Departments of Defense (DOD) and Health and Human Services (HHS) had awarded Blue Star NBR a federal grant to build the nitrile rubber plant, which would manufacture the rubber necessary to make the blue rubber gloves needed in America in the case of another pandemic or national emergency and reduce America’s reliance on imported gloves.

Blue Star NBR CEO Scott Maier’s appeals to the Biden administration have fallen on deaf ears. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has reportedly provided a grant to a factory in Louisiana that is much further behind than Blue Star NBR.

the Biden HHS is refusing to provide any more funds to the nearly completed project. “Shocking is the fact that HHS just said no, we have what we need. Because again, they’re reliant on the Chinese-made product instead of relying on Americans,”


Maybe this is a — NO frickin way we’re completing a Trump project — 4,000 jobs & rebuilding America be darned — this is an election year you sob!