We likely know acquaintances who when faced with the truth they forced a loved one to keep taking the shots who subsequently died shortly after their last shot. They will never talk about it.

A older friend in his 80’s had a 60 yo son living with him (son had mental issues). By the last conversation I had with the son he had taken 5 shots. They all took every shot on schedule when offered and every other shot for other illnesses.

From the word on the street both of them came down with pneumonia shortly after the last shot. The father survived but the son died three days after he came down with it in hospital. It was sudden and quick.

The father went radio silent and has had limited contact with those in the village. He had coincidentally sold his home on the mountain at the same time so he is not here. Many of those who knew them believe the father is having a major guilt trip.

Mark Oshinskie Substack