Unless you want to hear some mediocre 5 string banjo picking, skip the first 8 minutes, then listen to lots of really interesting intro info until about 20 minutes, when Todd CAllender comes in and drops some real bombshells about what has happened basically from the time of the Roswell Incident forward,  including the fact that we have been receiving Cesium 137 from many sources and why, the reason for the covid jabs  and how anyone who got one of these jabs is programmed to die before 2029 on a schedule from 5G exposure to the EMF viral parasites in the jabs.

This is a great exposure to why they removed Ivermectin and other antiparasitics off the market. I know most here did not fall for the jabs but most of our friends and loved ones did. Society needs to wake up now or go to sleep forever. IMO and FWIW!