Even the MSM around the world is letting the cat out of the bag, although slowly. More FOIA releases that expose “this and that”.
No wonder the WHO, UN and the Western nations are demanding more intense censorship via bizarre laws. This is their last control mechanism.

The Deep State or whoever they are have managed to keep the brainwashed 30% on their side (the Covidians and the Woke).
For awhile the 30% has kept the Centre, the went along to get along crowd, in line. That spell has been broken as the absurdity of life has awakened them over the past two years. The Trucker’s Freedom Convoy has been mentioned as their awakening moment as they saw the Government is not their friend. They knew something was broken.

We seem to be in a holding pattern. The Centre are not taking anymore poison, wish they hadn’t taken any shots but don’t want to talk about how the shots may affect their health going forward. The Net-Zero Craze never really took off and is slowly dying. The same Covidians and the Woke have become the Climate Alarmists and they are pissed that we are not going along.

The Covidians are blistfully pushing on. The Woke are doing the same as they are the oppressed and believe it furthers their agenda.

The ship takes a while to alter it’s course so much damage is being done just like the outcome of the Dali in Baltimore.

I am royally pissed that the taxpayer paid for most of this mess.