that the need of the WHO, WEF and Western Governments to Censor everything and anything that does not fit their narrative, is a sign that they are being backed into a corner. They are like a wounded animal and know it’s do or die.

For example, recent polling in Canada shows 70% of Canadians believe the Country is going down the wrong path. That leaves the perennial 30% who always go along with the ruling party similar to those who blindly followed the Covid insanity.

Glad to see the relentless mocking and push-back. The reaction by the Feds is Bill C-63 (Censorship, Thought Crimes, etc) in Canada. Once the inhabitants of the Country catch on, most don’t follow the ramifications, there will be confusion, anger and more push-back. This is desperation by a failing regime. The more insane The Turd becomes more will join in turfing The Turd. They have doubled down. Now get ready for a tripling down whatever that will be. It will all come to a head as even the diehard liberals will abandon them..

I can only hope the complete 180 that comes about respects the Constitution, Bill of Rights and only serves Justice on those who led us down this dark path of destructive Net-Zero, WEFism and Covidianism and all the damage that came with it. They truly need to be gone from power. There are many. In my lifetime I may not see Canada regain the strength we once had as a productive and peaceful country. The damage is great and it will take strong people to turn this around. There are a lot of mentally ill people and those who have too much anger to become productive again.
My rant for the day.