Here is how it’s done…from JC

NOT SHOCKED. The UK Daily Skeptic ran a story yesterday headlined, “Billionaire Funds the Guardian to Tune of $116 Per Reader of Print Edition.” According to the story, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has “granted” over $82 billion dollars to British media alone.

You want to understand how the Corporate Media works? That list is the British version of the Corporate Media.

You could argue — you could, I wouldn’t — that there was some philanthropic purpose to Gates’ grants to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which pretends to be a public charity. But you can’t make that argument about The Guardian, The Telegraph, or the Financial Times. They’re not charities. They’re news corporations. Those grants were transactions, trades. Gates was buying something. Something like influence.

Gates is buying, and the media is clearly selling. And … if media will turn tricks for billionaires to this extent, just imagine how the media whores itself out to government.

Media companies are only the beginning. Since 1999, the Gates Foundation “donated” over $4.7 billion to the World Health Organization and its various agencies. That’s a case of billionaires not funding media but government itself. Why? Why aren’t taxes sufficient? The article reported from a much more fulsome exposé about billionaire influence on British climate politics that published this month titled, “‘Clean Air,’ Dirty Money, Filthy Politics – the Big Bucks behind the UK’s anti-car policies and air pollution panics.”

The report is well worth a read, even if a bit long; but it’s not uninteresting, and whatever these billionaires are paying UK governments and companies is probably just a drop in the bucket compared to what they’re up to over here in the United States.

I could only find one quibble about the ‘Dirty Money’ report’s conclusions. The report’s authors suggest that billionaire ‘philanthropy’ is rooted in ideology — personal political preferences — rather than from charity. I agree Bill Gates is not focused on charitable aims. But I disagree that he is wholly ideologically driven.

It’s about the money.

First, the “foundation” entity — used by billionaires everywhere — enjoys massive tax advantages. It’s much better than a traditional non-profit. And every dollar jammed into the foundation is a tax deductible dollar. Then foundation money can be used to buy official policy by influencing government officials (e.g. grants to the WHO) and by influencing media for positive coverage especially among easily-influenced leftists (e.g. grants to the BBC).

And that is where the rubber meets the road.

Before the smart billionaire starts investing in his government and media grants to influence, for example, the promotion of insect protein consumption, he has already invested in bug food manufacturing plants. And his plants have proprietary features that in five years will become requirements in multimillion-dollar public requisitions for cricket lasagna and other buggy MREs.

Where do you suppose the Gates Foundation got $82 billion dollars to spend on British media grants? That’s nearly Bill Gates’ entire net worth. Don’t be naíve — Gates didn’t use his own money to buy British media. That’s your money, dummy. The whole thing is a giant money wheel of influence, where billionaire oligarchs like Gates and Soros dump a handful of coins on the wheel, spin it around, and unload gold bars smelted from your tax dollars.

Rinse and repeat!

Consider the climate scam. None of these oligarchical idiots cares about the climate at all. Please. Don’t make me laugh. They intend to force us to buy windmill rotor blades at a million bucks a clip. Suckers! Fifty percent margins! And they plan to sell us mandated ‘disposable’ electric car batteries — every three years, to every single driver — at ten grand a pop. SEVENTY percent margins, thanks to slave labor!.

But don’t lose focus. We can complain about billionaire oligarchs all we want, but at bottom the real problem is the erosion of previously-commonly-agreed Judeo-Christian values which used to restrain this type of obvious, late-stage-capitalism, looting of the treasury. Our second president John Adams presciently warned us when he said, ”Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Indeed.

If things were working right, Bill Gates would be shamed out of polite society and shunned by all right-thinking people. Media would be embarrassed and frankly terrified to take any money from him. Otherwise, the grasping media and government types who took Bill Gates’ bloodstained bucks, would also get the Gates treatment and be shunned, ostracized, canceled, and banned.

Bring back shame.

On the other hand, I often think that graft and corruption could be the only thing saving us from a totalitarian digital currency. I mean, if there’s no cash, how will politicians get their payoffs? Or, what happens if they can’t daisy-chain a bunch of banks and a chain of complicated business entities to wash the bribe money? How will they pay for hookers and blow?

It seems to me that corrupt politicians want financial anonymity more than anybody.


No one here is advocating for Lawless Violence …However..with Society becoming more and more violent every day

It’s surprising that no one has decided to terminate these $%^&ing Bill(ionaires) …YET

How are guys like this still walking around ?