I was just sitting out side in the Sun with my Donkey and Pony enjoying the nice sunny 10 degree Celcius weather.

We have had a few nice days after a large ice storm last week

My neighbor an 80 y/o lady dropped by to feed them some apples.

I commented ..”Nice Day eh ?”

She immediately replied…it’s Worrisome.

Worrisome ? Why ? Don’t you like a nice sunny windless day this late in the year ?

Then I realized…uh oh “Global Warming Warning”…You MUST not Enjoy a nice day in November.

Not worrisome for YOU she went on..the implication was I am old and wont have to deal with the Toxic Climate which was partly my fault.. that is menacing the earth.

So of course I responded well I must be getting my info from other sources that you because I am certain there is No man Made Climate Crisis…we have been hearing about the end of the world since were were kids.

What about all the fires ?…2023 was by far the hottest year on Earth EVER.

Do you know the average temperature of the earth 200 years ago…400 ? was my reply

Well she just said “come one! there is so much evidence ” then left as quickly as she could lest she have to listen to anything I would say.

I raised my tone as she scurried away and said…Please do a little extra worrying to make up for the likes of me.

…These people cannot even enjoy a nice day …it makes them worry ! What a horrible way to live your last few years ..