I don’t think mining Bitcoin per se, is a threat to national security but having these facilities just a mile or so away from important military bases of operation, clearly is. Not only are the Chinese monitoring and probably infiltrating these facilities but being in relatively close proximaty could allow them to purposely overload the grid and cause blackouts that would probably render the bases inoperable for what could be a critical window during an attack or military crisis. The government takes aggressive actions against many US businesses and citizens for reasons much less important than these. Why the hell has it not shut these facilities down? Do you think China or any other country for that matter, would allow such facilities with foreign ownership, so close to their military bases? Could it be one of the many reasons the Biden family has received such lucrative payments from CCP front companies for no known legitimate reason? https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/chinese-bitcoin-mines-threat-us-national-security