The pieces are falling into place. Not only will Sleepy Joe no longer be President in a matter of a few months, but reports of possible upcoming diplomatic meetings between the US and China and maybe either the US and Russia or China and Russia, as well as the annual UN gatherings, leads me to believe that the Ukraine conflict is close to being resolved soon. It will be ironic and even sickening, if a war that has resulted in so much death and destruction, started and prolonged because of Joe Biden’s greed and corruption, ends up with him being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Joe knows he will either have to resign or eventually be removed from office. The war would end anyway soon after he is no longer in office, so he might as well end it now and take a bow. He has delayed the inevitable for as long as he could but everything is falling into place. There will be a period of months with a rocky transition and plenty of pitfalls, but a new day will dawn for the US and the world. It’s about time!