This week, a case (22-55908 Health Freedom Defense Fund, Inc. v. Alberto Carvalho) overseen by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, included a quote from a judge that will resonate far and wide among those concerned with COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates. Hundreds of people have lost their jobs and livelihood to avoid being force-jabbed. The judges informed the school’s attorney that Jacobsen is irrelevant because the vaccines do not prevent transmission.

The Amazingly Correct Quotes
Here are two amazing quotes from the judges:

“I mean I’m honestly shocked…

“There’s no rational basis for believing that someone who got a a two-shot sequence in 2021 in March, say of 2021 has any protection against transmission now in September of 2023. (That) seems to me to be irrational (emphasis added).. Even the CDC does not claim that a shot sequence two and a half years ago provides immunity against what’s circulating today and so you that person is exempted – even though they have absolutely no (protection), so this just seems completely arbitrary.