Here is Gold Flag in 3 time frames (line charts):  daily – weekly – monthly.

Although Weekly BO its thin blue line (as Fully presented)  … it is against HOR.RES but Gold certainly did NOT BO-UP the thick RED HOR RES @ 2025. Meanwhile do we observe a Bearish ascending Triangle on Gold-weekly?

Strangely on the Daily chart, Gold did NOT-BO-UP the thin blue line until above 2025; hence line chart.

On the Monthly chart, Gold also did NOT-BO-UP and only will once we have a monthly closing above 1987. While during 2022, Gold BO-DOWN from 1950 all the way down to 1650, Gold might even be in a HARD BT from below while this or next month tagging 1987 for a DT (double top). How often have we seen this type of set-ups before crashing down – extending eg. delaying a down turn (read: Ai)?

Does this all matter, well potentially it does as these charts still shows that $GOLD is against RES and potentially even forecasting that a TOP is near potentially a DT (double top or triple if you like), while we observe some bearish patterns.

The only thing that matter is PHYS and these charts ain’t pure as it presents paper. Choose your reality!

Have a Great Weekend.