From a small company in the USA (purple state)

So, we’re hiring for a new graphics position. He’s got this candidate who’s an older, white male.

My boss calls me in his office and says “So I have an indelicate question. How do I figure out what this guy’s politics are? Because I don’t want people with certain politics in my business.”

I’m thinking to myself “Oh man, if you only knew.” (Being an extreme rightwing conservative myself)

I answer, “Well, I’ve heard it said that politics are downstream from culture, and I would say that culture is downstream from values. So what values are you looking for?”

He thinks for a minute, then says “Inclusiveness, tolerance, kindness.”

I said, “Seems like it would be pretty easy to find some questions to ask about those kinds of values.”


And I’m thinking “Do. You. Hear. Yourself?”


And so it goes…