For most of my life ( 72.5 years) I have lived in a system that all Canadians have taken for granted

ALL Citizens and residents of Canada have access to ( AND ONLY TO) Free health care…ALOPATHIC MEDICINE ONLY.

In essence all Allopathic medicine healthcare workers are Employees of the Government .

Doctors are not directly employed by the Gov’t but their fees are strictly Controlled and are all paid by the Government

There was a short time in Ontario in maybe the 80s when Doctors were allowed to set their own fees BUT if any one of them dared to do so …the patients would RUN to those who do not charge over and above what the Gov’t would pay

I remember my Doctor ( a friend ) decided to ask for a couple dollars more than the “scale” for office visits…I loved it because when I made an appointment …There was NO wait

it happened immediately…His practice emptied out !

He abandoned the Idea and wait times increased again

Bottom line WE Canadians on balance are spoiled by the Universal Healthcare system …NO Pay for anything !

To be honest the System in Ontario ,at least, has been GREAT…it really has always worked well as far as I am concerned. Of course thats why we have much higher taxes here than in USA…but nobody complains…and everybody just take free Medicine for granted

NOTE this only applies to Allopathic medicine

Chiropractors and naturopaths and Massage Therapists and Dentists and Optometrists are still largely “Private” although the Gov’t pays maybe a small % of the fees.

Anyhow this is a long introduction to this excellent piece from Spencer Fernando

It is very timely as Post Covid the System has completely Failed

Doctors are still mostly diagnosing and treating patients by telephone

Hospital Emergency Wards are turning people away

HCW are burning out and quitting or cutting back and are out more than in quarantining with covid repeatedly

EMS is struggling to respond in a timely manner ( they were great )

So…Spencer is saying Now is the time to talk about allowing Private Health Care again.

Problem is as I see it…The Libtards ( Most Canadians) will scream bloody murder..

A two tiered health care for the rich and one for the poor ?

Not easily done in Communist Turdistan….BUT they fail to understand…with a portion of the population OUT of the Gov’t Sponsered health care system …everybody will have better and more available care.

The age old battle Communism * Collectivism) vs Free Market Capitalism . This guy is GOOD