My two favorite stocks, both of which I have posted about on numerous occasions, are really the only two stocks one would need for the rest of this bear market. NEM continues to be the best goldminer and after this recent metals takedown has only undergone a two thirds retracement of it’s gains since late last year. With it’s 3.5%  yield it is a buy at these levels. IBM which I recommended the day before the earnings release, had a big pop and has since corrected. Now that the gap that was created from that pop has been filled, buy on any dips and you are getting a 5% yield. These two stocks provide better income than treasuries while offering the protection from inflation offered by gold(Newmont) and growth in future earnings at a reasonable price(IBM). You would be hard pressed to find a better place to protect capital as this bear market plays out over the months and likely years,  to come.