This travesty in Ottawa where the Government has Brutalized Peaceful Loving Protesters is likely the best thing that has happened for the freedom movement…On display for the Whole world to revile.

This unfortunately was a necessary step in the Destruction of this fascist Dictatorship in Canada and All of the same around the World.

The Backlash will be epic and relentless until the Dictatorship topples..

The Protesters who know they would be brutally assaulted but stood their ground nonethless are Canadian Folk Heros Now…God Bless each an every one of them who took a stand at great peril !

Unbelievable heroism ! Astounding Courage

These Thugs that did this to them are Cowards…They could have said NO we stand for Freedom but the come at unarmed peace loving people dressed in Riot gear and with Assault Weapons…shame on each and every one of you…You shall be scorned forever .

Fuck Trudeau