The only way to explain what Trudeau is doing is to realize that he is not acting on behalf of Canada. He believes in a global communist dictatorship run by a Comintern of the WEF. He has stated publicly that he admires Communist China because “they can turn on a dime.” He sees a totalitarian regime as the hope of the world, being able to dictate human behavior through digital and chemical surveillance, with the help of complete military and police control.

The individual has no rights. All rights reside with the Comintern and its communist society. This is exactly the vision of Lenin, whose bust we have learned sits proudly on a bookshelf in Klauss Schwab’s office. So invoking the Emergencies Act is a little dry run from what he hopes becomes the norm worldwide. The health mandates are not about health, but about gaining more power, more control. That is why the truckers and others have rebelled. They see through Trudeau and his so-called government and fear what Canada will become if this Communist Dictator is allowed to continue.

Trudeau must be stopped. He is now threatening to seize bank accounts. What will be next? Reeducation camps? Executions? Imprisonments? People disappearing into Trudeau’s Canadian Gulag?