The Truckers have timing on their side. They need to break the grip that Schwab has around the throat of Canada. This protest has expanded and they need to bring the government to its knees to extricate it from this foreign enemy. Trudeau’s support is minimal and even his own party is starting to crack. Trudeau is weak and he is a fool. He has listened to Schwab who could care less about his future. All that matters to Schwab is to force his economic theories upon the entire world.

This is NOT merely a battle against Trudeau. He takes his orders from the WEF as does Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. This is a battle for the freedom of the people. Those who support people like Biden and Trudeau are clueless for they are the sheep who refuse to open their eyes to the fact that this is a serious international plot to FORCE by undemocratic means, the economic philosophy of one very sick man with visions of Marxist grandeur. This is no conspiracy theory. Just listen to the words coming from Schwab and his WEF organization.

See the link for the entire article, with an interesting video showing Australia as a puppet for the WEF.