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Something is Brewing and it is VERY GOOD

True North4 hr ago
I think there will be independent health clinics springing up everywhere, because of the persecution happening now, within the medical system. Pay-per-service and no federal regulations or funding. There are some but the need is much greater now, not only for patients but for competent health care personnel who refuse to become experimental injection test subjects.

M brown2 hr ago
American front line doctors just announced a project to do just that

Em2 hr ago
now that would be cool


CargoShortGuy3 hr ago
I don’t want to go the shiny hospital down the street anymore. I don’t trust those people.


tcali3 hr ago
Good idea True North. NY just fired 96,000 heath care professionals. I suggested they open their own hospital..

Sophia2 hr ago
96,000 new concierge health care professionals

Carol Jones2 hr ago
There already is ? I am a holistic medical professional who is seeing a HUGE uptick in business. All referrals.–8VBdcRD4wZiIqPQb6jc