Various countries, regions, have stated, that digital Passports will be phased out once the Pandemic is over.
Israel has phased out their Green Pass. They got enough willing arms.

I can’t see that the US or Canada will bring one in successfully. The Pandemic will be over. We should have herd immunity very soon. With Natural and so called Jab immunity we have to have reached that by now. There will always be Covid cases just like the seasonal Flu. Especially if the PCR test is still used on asymptomatic persons. Zero Covid is not feasible.

There will be such confusion and the logistics will prevent many from going places. Never happen successfully.
Some businesses will suffer. The whole mask debacle will surely divide the country as the crazies will continue to wear one.

If they attempt to bring one in, I will enjoy the great outdoors. I can go on a spending moratorium until it’s lifted. I’m sure many will do the same or be forced to.