Recent articles have been written and posted about the Basel 3 rule changes that take effect at the end of June and how it could lead to the end of COMEX and LBMA derivative trading for gold and silver,(ie the END of the paper manipulation that has been used to cap prices) This article linked below gives a fairly good explanation, while still questioning whether that is the likely outcome. Remember, Covid was planned and implemented years in advance to implement a number of agendas. These Basel 3 rule changes were also written and passed years ago, purposely planned to be phased in many years later. The powers that be, knew the fiat currency scheme wouldn’t last forever. They milked it for 50 years and they have put into place a plan for when it finally blows up. We are here and as the author suggests, the switch to a FED controlled digital currency is what they will go to. So even though he is being prudent by questioning if this is the end of the paper manipulation, I believe it is. The charts have told us a huge bull market for gold and silver was coming, and is now here, what difference does it make what the reason is? The explanation(whether real or just an excuse) always becomes clear after the fact.