Keep up the pressure

Keep talking keep passing on these articles

The tide is turning.

Some days seem dark and look like futility but more and more are waking up

keep the faith Goldtenters

PS… Spring training Baseball games are an interesting study

Each game I have on in the background while doing research…every day there are more fans at the ballparks

At first all of them had masks all the time…then more and more could be seen taking it all in with a beer and hotdog in hand and masks down

Now MOST have no mask and are just basking in the Florida / Arizona Spring Weather…

The Coaches are sneaking some air also…until the camera pans them.

Umpires who were masked are now breathing again too.

The cretins will try to control it all again no doubt..with more terror …but this time there will be more resistance and less compliance…If we do our part !

Every day each of us has an opportunity to make a small difference…a comment…a maskless moment ..

a gesture….thats what it takes…pass it on