Here is the specific stock set-up I referred to yesterday. Look at this monthly chart below. The chart tells us it was six days from low to ultimate low, and another six days, to today. The gap at 18 is the target. I have entered a Day limit Buy order, Before the open,  at 18.20.(area of the 50 day)  I want to be in it, hopefully on an open down gap, but worse case by end of day. If it doesn’t get that low I would change my order to buy slightly higher than 18.20 but let’s see how it trades. Since I am loaded up in CEF, PSLV, and my Ten rocks, it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get MAG, but given it’s explosiveness, I want to be aboard, especially near 18. (It traded over 24 on Mon.)            Good luck.