The stock market is  totally insane  and the level of speculation is probably worse than any time in history. That includes 1929, 2000 and probably the Dutch Tulip Bulb Mania in the 1500’s. Look for the clueless FED to possibly increase margins for stocks(something that hasn’t been done in maybe 50 years, if not longer) from 50% to 75% to try and cool the insanity. This provides a rare 10-1 risk reward setup. I just bought 200 shares of UVXY for 10.55,  I believe if I am correct and the FED raises margins for stocks, the market will drop 5-10% by the end of this week. That should move the Vix up sharply and UVXY to somewhere in the 20-22 area. 100% return. If I am wrong and the FED doesn’t raise margins, the market will probably drop anyway 2-3%, and you should still see a return of 20-50%. If I am completely wrong and the market does nothing or goes up, it doesn’t look like UVXY will fall more than a point before you can sell and take a ten percent loss. I always consider any trade likely to lose ten percent if I am wrong and have to bail. So I risk my usual ten percent possible loss for a high possibility of 50-100% in three days. A risk for sure, but one I am willing to take on a relatively small bet.