Disclaimer 1 : Religious Theme

Disclaimer 2 : I am Not a member or practitioner of Christianity or any other “Organized Spiritual Practice” However I am going to participate…because this man is RIGHT….when we collectively lose our moral compass…communism seeps into the vacuum and destroys everything .


Just a couple of days ago Goldballoon Bill called me and said do you know what day Jan 6th is on the Christian Calendar ? Epiphany Day ! …he’s right look it up

Then he said his epiphany was that we should all collectively focus at a certain time every day with positive energy towards a positive outcome one way or another.

I told him ..we don’t really want to add another controversial topic at the tent…politics is one thing but religion ?

However this is NOT about religion…I am sure we can all agree this is about returning to a Moralistic Society whatever your spiritual beliefs are.

We as a Society were Overdue for this wakeup call…If the majority of us understand and accept this for what it is…watch how we can turn this around one way or another.

Who’s in ?