Sometimes I wonder about just plain withdrawing.  I have actually lived nearly alone for a decade in many ways personally.  Maybe it’s white flag time, for now.  Who am I to say?  However at least it may be good not to be deluded.

That you not be poisoned by the fetid hot air of the “conservative” counterparts of Rachel Maddow and Thinkers like those in the columns of the NY Times, who tell you to stay within your ideological ghetto, polluted by nothing but their ideological gas, let me suggest looking at things from a leftist site I dislike.  I think you will find that it actually is other than what you might imagine from what you are instructed to believe.  The site’s proprietor is probably a covert stalinist/maoist (not my type).  Detractors suggest he works for the BND (German gov’t).  I wouldn’t know.  He is smart and well-informed.  It’s about DC Jan 6-7, 2021.

I will put below in comments some comments from his readers.  I will understand if the comments get deleted, or even if this message itself gets deleted.  My point is however that it is a somewhat wider world than some here may realize.