Personal Story:

One of our receptionists has a daughter in grade 2 and a son in grade 3

There was a positive test in a classmate of her daughter…soooo..the kids in that class were sent home to isolate for 2 weeks.

Ok…fair enough ..right ./

So the mom called public health and asked if they should keep the son home because he plays all day with his sister.

The answer…No !

Also the father works as a tech repair guy at the local hospital…does he need to stay home ? No

They really are making this all up as they go..there is NO coherent strategy whatsoever.

They just need to DO SOMETHHING…ANYTHING …to LOOK like they can control a virus ..which obviously they cannot.

This contact tracing Bull shit is the dumbest thing they ever thought up..some contacts are locked in their homes and others who live with those locked dow can circulate freely.

The Public health people THINK they make a difference and control the virus …they are Covidiots